The Divine A Spark Story by Gray Bean

The Spatial Experience- I have always been a fan of the performing arts and of the theatre. Ever since I took a drama class in 7th Grade at my middle school I have been attending community plays and even performing in a couple myself. So when I got the opportunity to see a play for my good life class I was excited to get exposed to this community at my own university. We tried to arrive early in order to get good seats and it really paid off as we got to sit in the front "pit area". The overall experience of actually going to the performance was rewarding both culturally and socially. The way a story can be told through actors is time and time again the reason many people consider the performing arts apart of the good life, and this performance convinced me of that opinion as well.

The Social Experience- I attended the performance with my roommate, Palmer Alvarez, and from that standpoint it was a great opportunity to have a shared experience that we could bond over, especially because we don't get to do a lot together. Shared experiences are important to the good life because they allow us to experience the arts while at the same time allow us to become closer with our fellow man. On the night of the performance Palmer and I got dressed fairly nice and ate dinner before the play in an effort to make an evening out of the assignment.

The Cultural Experience- The social commentary in the play added a whole dimension to the performance. It forced the viewer to think deeper about their own trials and tribulations and brought attention to problems that still effect us to this very day. While issues like religious tolerance and child abuse were addressed in the play, the whole performance seemed to revolve around poverty. The issue of poverty was a recurring theme throughout the play and was heavily discussed during the talk back. The actors shared with us that as long as they got us thinking then they had a successful night, regardless of whether or not we actually enjoyed the play. The actors really connected with the audience and gave life to the issues and parallels that we can connect to our modern era.

The Emotional Experience- I guess the actors succeeded in that their performance really did make me think. The play made me feel very deeply for the less fortunate and reflect on how lucky I am to enjoy all of the rights and privileges that I have and that I was born into an era where a lot of these issues like child labor have been addressed in our country. The Divine was an intense play that offered a lot of moments for reflection and self inspection, I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys tragedies or dramatic stories.

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