Kevin Ancient Greece and rome

Today I will take you back to ancient Greece and Rome. I will show you many things that are important. The things can include items, government, and temples.

Above is a ballista.
At an angle.

A ballista is a type of crossbow. It is very big in size. It shoots big arrows and is very lethal in battle.

The parthenon

This is the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a widely popular temple in Athens. The temple was made to honor the Greek goddess Athena.

The helmets above and below were both used for war. The helmets would help protect the head and were widely used by the Greeks.

Roman chariot.

aThe Roman chariot was an amazing piece of artwork. It was use for racing and was wildly popular to watch. Riders would attach chariots to horses and would race. Racing was very dangerous as you could die.

Angle shot.

The phoenix was a bird accosted with the sun

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