Did my CondoSeniors make pork chop soup? STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

May 23, 2017. During the day my CondoSeniors announced dinner would be pork chops. Little did I or they know....

Dinner needs bread. When you want the best bread in St. Petersburg, Florida, my CondoSeniors head to Mazzaro's Italian Market. Here, fresh bread goes fast, even when the snowbirds have returned back up North.

The Tuscan bread on the top rack (left) is huge and lots of "inside" bread. It's great for olive oil and sauce dipping. The Tuscan ring on the top right is easier to cut and has less crust. Great for everything else. The ring holds its form to when you cut and helps with portion control. You can get one light or dark. Get light if you want to warm it in the toaster oven.

Dinner started by pulling out the huge black iron skillet. Cut six sweet onions. Wear a gas mask. Ventilate the kitchen. I left and left them have at it.

Bake and stir.

Adding a can of mushroom soup was a twist. This was not ordinary pork chops with onions.

Stir. Wooden spoons are still used.

Pour mojotio mix over crushed ice and refill as needed. Keep the ice fresh. Glasses full.

Bring sauce to a boil.

Remove sauce. Add olive oil to pan.

Add pork chops.

Add seasoning.


Cut tuscan ring on paper bag it came in.

Serve a smothered pork chop.

Add a three bean salad in a dish so it doesn't mix.

Then there is my plate. I cut the pork into small bits under the ever watchful and curios eye of my CondoSeniors..

Walk over to the stove with the pork in a bowl. Never tell your CondoSeniors what you are doing.

Fill bowl.

Use metal spoon to scoop up the rest.

Scrape pan and lick spoon.

Grab the bread.

Add spoon to get pork chop soup!

Spoon stopped sinking. Now it's ready. I had asked for noodles to make this a stroganoff.

I tried to explain what I was doing but they just said, pour.

Fresh strawberries for dessert.

Continue pouring with mojitos. Then I realized I may have to have a few seniors sit in their walkers and push them back to their condo..

I was told, Next time remove the plastic pour thingy.

The bottle was full when we started. The glass is an unpaid ad for the Tampa Improv Comedy Club.

Heavy lift to put the black iron skillet in the sink.

I don't eat for free. Doing dishes is my skill set.

Enjoy more stories and images of what I get to enjoy everyday!

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Venice, Italy. 2007

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