Freedom By Alice Stuart & The Formerlys


2007 | Country

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"Everybody shoutin' & freedom's the sound. -- Get free within yourself, don't put your brother down, down, down. -- Get yourself together, people might see, what it's like to love your brother, everybody want to be free."


  • Alice Stuart has toured the UK with Van Morisson & the US with Mississippi John Hurt.
  • She was in Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention for 6 months prior to them releasing Freak Out!
  • Started piano lessons at five but didn't pick up a guitar til eighteen.


Luke Tatum

What a positive message! "Get yourself together, people might see what it's like to love your brother; everybody wanna be free!" I take this to mirror the message I've been preaching through my podcast for a while now: develop yourself first. Solve your own damn problems and become a better person before you try to change the world. Freedom is amazing, but it absolutely requires that individuals value themselves. Besides the message, man, what a smooth tune. Makes me want a porch swing, or something.

Sherry Voluntary

Get free within yourself. This is an admonition from this smooth blues song. I think as much as we libertarians point out what’s wrong, I have come to the realization that the changes we want to make in the world may not happen in our lifetime, if ever. That’s why we have to get free within ourselves. If we recognize that we retain all of the rights endowed in every human, no matter what oppressions, big or small, are put on us, then we can come to a certain kind of peace with the way things are. We can do that by ignoring what we can, doing what we have to when we must, and being as successful as we can. Being successful allows you to minimize the influence of The State in your life and also to have a greater influence with the message. That is my admonition to you, to focus on having the best life you can and minimize The State in your life as much as possible, and in those instances where you cannot avoid it, just do what you have to do to move on and let go of the animosity. That is becoming free within ourselves and making the most of the situation that we’re in.

Nicky P

Is this our first country number? Sure feels like it. We may need to rectify that. I'm sure there's some outlaw country begging to tell us all about freedom. This is an interesting song. It was released way late into Alice Stuart's career. Legit grandma playing some blues inspired country. I imagine she knows a thing or two about respecting freedom given the era's she came up through as a female musician. The thing that really sticks out in this song for me is where she admonishes that the only way to get free starts within yourself. I think it's an important to note that if you believer you're a slave you're a slave. We all wear chains, some of us just see them. Others believe they're not there but have their own minds hemmed in.

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Nicky P

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