Racing in the raIn Troy Sanson

"The one who drives smart will always win in the end." (155)

Enzo knows that good drivers know how to adjust in a split second. They are always pushing their car to the limit. Racing isn't about who can hold the gas pedal down, it is about discipline and intelligence. This is another way to say "slow and steady wins the race."

"His Attention-and his intention- was far ahead, to the next turn and the one beyonD that." (133)

Denny's focus was already far ahead of where his car was. He was correcting his mistakes before they happened. This is another way of saying to think ahead.

"Beware, I thought. The zebra hides everywhere." (67)

The zebra referred to is a demon that made Enzo rip up all of Zoƫ's animals. It made Eve get mad at Denny and Eve accedantally stab herself.

"She was released from her body and, Being released, she continued he jouRney Elsewhere." (139)

Eve passed away but her soul carried on. She said to Enzo that she wasn't afraid of death anymore. She could continue her life in the heavens.

"Not all dogs return as men, theY say; only those who are ready. I am ready." (82)

Enzo believes that dogs are reborn as humans. He says he is ready to be reborn. I don't know if he is right or not but he has something to look forward to.

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