Desert Beauty Mother/Daughter trip to Canyon Ranch 2016

We were welcomed by large figures throughout the peaceful grounds. This was my daughter's and my fourth visit in ten years to Canyon Ranch. Each time is better than the last!

Here is a whimsical sculpture that made us laugh!

Everywhere we looked was a special piece of nature.

There were gorgeous colors in the spring desert!

We refreshed our spirits with the desert's quiet beauty.

We meditated in the sanctuary.

The quiet was what we loved: Listening to the wind, the birds, the water falls.

I found peace in the desert and a renewed bonding with my daughter.

My daughter is a mother to four wonderful daughters..a challenge that she meets with courage and strength and love.

These Cacti are like old men sentinels guarding the hills for years. We loved our morning walks in the hills.

The Labyrinth was a beautiful spiritual activity that we both enjoyed quietly.

The stones are placed beginning the walk into the center and then retracing your footsteps back to the beginning. It is a slow and quiet meditation. Once in the center, you may leave a small stone on the little pile that was there.

The little javelinas ran in groups throughout the grounds. They stayed to themselves, and were a delight to come upon..

They are about the size of a small or medium size dog. They have coarse hair, and remind one of wild pigs.

They are funny to watch and they eat the acorns that fall from the trees.

The early morning light was the best!

The sun against the adobe colored buildings and the sage green cacti and small plants was a perfect complement.

Here we are enjoying a dinner in the casual outdoor seating area.
Just a few of the beautiful cultures and plantings that are so restful and calming to look at.

We hope to be back next year for my daughter's birthday.


photographs taken by Diane Voyentzie

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