Truth By: tany lloyd kyi

  • characters:
  • Jen: the main character in the story interviewed by the police
  • Gerome: Jen's boyfriend until mid-book were Jen starts to think he participated in the murder
  • Georgia: Jens best friend figures out that Ross' boots were missing in fashion police
  • Nate: Georgia's boyfriend
  • Scott: decides to make an expose after being sent to hospital
  • Mr. Granville: the victem of the murder

In the story Truth a girl named Jen from learns about a murder at the party she went to. It was the murder of Mr. Granville the local banker. Jen asks the police about it and they say it was classified Jen talked the police officer down, so the officer said that there was more than one person involved, and there might have been a boot print. later Jen heard that a fellow student was horribly beaten and in the hospital his name was Scott. a few days after Scott and Jen wanted to make an expose. After they made there expose the teacher walked in and watched it the teacher left, then shortly after Ross walked in and pulled a knife. the teacher saw and called the police. Ross was hauled away. This is what happened in Truth


Created with images by Tony Webster - "Police Line / Police Tape"

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