Ibiza,Spain a unesco world heritage site

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain,in which is the third largest of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza contains within its Renaissance walls an interesting legacy from all the different cultures. The island often called, White Island has magnificent beaches its high towering cliffs densely covered with pine trees, it's fabulous countryside and exciting nightlife, offer the perfect place to spend your holidays.best known, of course, for its year-round sun, sea, sand and clubbing.Agriculture is mainly of a subsistence nature, but almonds, dried figs, and apricots are exported. Salt produced by the evaporation of seawater has been the main export for centuries. Fish and charcoal surplus to local needs are also sent to the mainland.

The island was a strategic point of great importance in ancient times and was inhabited by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians. It has some notable archaeological sites, relics from which are housed in the Archaeological Museum at Ibiza city.
Castle Of Ibiza, also know as Old Town

The Importance of the Castle

The Castle is an important site of the town,la Almudaina was joined to the Castle after the section of wall and the tower that had existed between both buildings were demolished.This journey back in time will take you to the island's capital, Eivissa. The old town is in the upper part of the city: the Dalt Vila acropolis. Strolling through its narrow, whitewashed streets is like a walk through an open-air museum, with a succession of convents, palaces and churches. Dalt Vila is surrounded by a wonderful city wall built in the 16th century, a unique testament to military architecture and Renaissance aesthetics. This highly beautiful and simple Renaissance construction model was to have a notable influence on colonial fortifications established in the New World.

Ibiza is also well know for it's coastal cliffs one being the Natural de Cala d’Hort Reserve

Cala d' hort

Among these are coastal lagoons, the well-known salt flats, a wide stretch of sea that connects Ibiza and Formentera and the many tiny islands dotted between the two main islands. The island Cala d’Hort Natural Reserve the small islands are rich in endemic plants and important for bird life. It is an extremely valuable natural area forming part of the European NATURA 2000 network due the presence of rare, endangered species and important ecosystems and two sites are also Important Bird Areas.Endangered endemic species include the Balearic shearwater, a highly threatened marine bird that breeds in the coastal cliffs, as well as endangered Audouin’s gull, and Peregrine and Eleonorae’s falcon, present in coastal areas and in the small islands. In addition, marine areas harbour protected fauna, such as the Loggerhead turtle and the Bottlenose dolphin.

How to Maintain this uniqueness?

A larger area of Cala d’Hort was granted protection in 2002, after years of intensive campaigning and massive public mobilization to stop urbanization plans and a golf project in the area. But the protection was short-lived, when in 2007, the protected area was reduced from the 2.700 hectares originally included in the Park to the coastal areas, some 234 hectares. However the golf project was stopped. Nevertheless, urban development remains a constant and significant threat not only to the few remaining, unspoilt coastal areas, but also to valuable inland habitats.

Reserva Natural de Cala d’Hort in Ibiza

Visit Ibiza,

the weather

The summer and beach season really in Ibiza gets going in May, when the temperatures hit the mid-twenties. During July, August and September, the temperatures soar to a sizzling 30-35 degrees.During the autumn months, the weather is generally mild, but bring a jumper and a jacket, as the evenings can get chilly. The winter months, from November through to April, stay relatively mild, but it can get rainy and overcast.

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