Outcome 3 Retrieval Practice Self-Study

Index cards

here is a picture of random index cards I found in my room

I used the index card technique for my Spanish tests. I studied the flash cards for one week before my chapter 8 test. On the chapter 7 test I just studied from the book and made an 82, but for my chapter 8 test I studied the flash cards and made a 95.

First letter memorization

First letter memorization is a technique I use to memorize scripture. Basically I write the first letter of each word in a verse I'm trying to memorize on my hand, so that every time I look at my hand I can try to memorize the verse. For school I put the first letter of each word in a definition so that I could learn the definition. I tried doing this for my Chemistry exam 2. I used the first letter technique for two weeks with a new definition each day, but it did not prove itself successful. Although I made a C on the exam I was hoping that the technique would help me to make a better grade, but I missed all the definition questions.

Group Quizzing

I did the group quizzing with a girl in my chemistry class. We got together twice before our last quiz and quizzed each other from the textbook questions and material on our professor's PowerPoint. After doing this I made a 106 on my quiz, as opposed to a 73 on the previous quiz I only used the book to study for. This seemed to be the most effective form of studying for me because my personality makes me thrive when around other people and I highly value what other people say, so I am more able to remember information.


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