Dear OFS Community,

It’s always good to get the first full week completed and Monday started with a real sense of purpose as we came together for assemblies – still such a wonderful novelty to have collective and shared time that doesn’t involve pixels, glitches and muting!

If your dreams inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. - John Adams

Last weekend we enjoyed a wonderful evening around the campfire, with Mr Donohoe leading the singing with his guitar! I suspect that not a huge amount of sleep was had as I heard voices at 4am and even the birds were still asleep but a huge thank you to Mrs Thornton and Mr Slaughter for running this event. It offered a great point of reference as we talk about the senior years and how they will choose to shape this year through their actions and words.

Of course the real test of leadership can be found the morning after a night of camping as everything has to packed up despite the tired eyes and legs - both the Y6&8 explorers were fantastic which bodes well for the coming year!

If you want to lead the Orchestra you must turn your back on the crowd. - Max Lucado

Time Travellers

Middle School jumped back in time as they explored the impact of the Romans and the Vikings on shaping our world. Whilst there were stories of ferocious battles, there were also conversations about the new technologies of these times as different cultures came together.

The Joy of Sport!

It was fantastic to welcome Durston House to Orley for the first time since 2019 to enjoy a shared training match. What a difference it is to have parents on the touch line, it felt like a rare privilege and the weather thankfully held!

The girls also had some time preparing for their Hockey season, and it was good to see a competitive edge creeping into a fast paced training session. I have no doubt that they are looking forward to their first fixtures in two years…!


Year 5 completed their Expedition Adventures with some Risk Taking at Chessington – the screams could be heard in South Harrow! Curiosity was also shown as they explored the African habitats at Woburn Safari Park.

A huge thank you to Mr Rowe and his medicinal van who fuelled some of the clear up after the rain!
And finally, I would like to close by thanking everyone behind the scenes who ambitiously planned our first festival of music – Live Stock. Whilst we had 5 very disappointed bands packing up amps and speakers in the rain, they all pointed out that for them the joy was rehearsing over the summer and having an excuse to be together. Have no fear, Orley Farm Live Stock will light up another night…!

Tim Calvey