Five Questions with Allison Crick Allison is well on her way to becoming a two-time Sycamore alumna and she is reflecting on the highlights of her college career at State that have helped her achieve her goals.

What was your most rewarding college experience?

My most rewarding college experience has been working with the Indiana State University Sales and Negotiations Center as an Undergraduate Research Assistant and now a Graduate Assistant. This experience has resulted in my first publication in the Journal of Selling and receiving the 2020 Sales Education Foundation Research Grant. I have also been given the opportunity to teach workshops for the Meis Center and help coach the ISU Sales Team. I get to work with Dr. Fleming and Dr. Fergurson, and they are excellent mentors and provide guidance on how I can follow in their footsteps to become a professor.

What is your favorite thing about ISU?

My favorite thing about ISU would certainly be the opportunities for personal and professional growth, as there are several organizations for students to learn beyond the classroom and interact with peers who become lifelong friends. Students at ISU are provided assistance in multiple ways to enjoy their experience while working towards their degree. During my time at ISU, I have been able to travel all over the world learning about other cultures. I also get to learn about business on an international scale in the MBA Program where students come from all over the globe. I cannot thank ISU enough for believing in me from day one as a President’s Scholarship recipient and supporting me every step of the way.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

I have had several fantastic professors during my time at ISU, but my favorite would have to be Dr. Fleming. Dr. Fleming incorporates career readiness and professional development in all aspects of his classes. Dr. Fleming’s courses are centered around developing students professionally and preparing them for a career. Dr. Fleming has been the most impactful professor as he goes above and beyond to focus on students’ current success and preparation to ensure success in our careers upon graduation. In addition, Dr. Fleming has a passion for sales and teaching that is contagious. I can thank Dr. Fleming for greatly shaping me as a young professional as he challenges his students to participate in an Elevator Pitch Competition, Meis Center Workshops, Career Fair, Sales Career Exploration Networking Dinner, and reverse career fair where recruiters, faculty, and Career Center staff are invited to recruit and provide feedback.

How did you know your major was right for you?

For my undergraduate degree, I majored in accounting and marketing with a concentration in sales management because I wanted a well-rounded education in business. I enjoyed my work experience in sales and math courses while in high school. Dr. Fleming allowed me to collaborate with him on research that I have been able to present at conferences and ultimately encouraged me to make the decision to obtain my MBA on the pursuit of my PhD. I knew the ISU MBA Program was right for me because of the international focus and opportunity to continue my research as a Graduate Assistant.

What advice can you offer to help with balancing schoolwork and campus involvement?

Balancing schoolwork and campus involvement can be difficult but it is critical. It is important to get involved with organizations you are passionate about. The organization that has had the biggest impact on me both personally and professionally was the Networks Professional Development Program where I got to develop my leadership skills as the Recruitment Coordinator. Campus involvement is important to develop professionally and learn invaluable skills beyond the classroom. I would recommend keeping an updated schedule to stay organized and be sure to take time to relax. In addition, do not be afraid to ask for help. My other advice would be to prioritize tasks to help with time management.