The Ticket By: Will Holloway

William Par RMS Titanic read the ticket. That Kevin had just found under the table at Farm ( a real restaurant in Ireland). He must be a real stook Kevin thought to himself why would anyone leave their ticket to the greatest ship in the world. He had just waited on a nob and he was so rich he left his ticket to the Titanic. Yet he still felt obligated to give it back

So he ran out of the building and right as he got outside William Par was gone. So he tucked the ticket in his pocket and didn't tell anyone. As he was walking home he saw some weird doofer that you put money in to park your car and if your time runs out the fuzz come get you.People can come up with anything now days even an unsinkable ship which I have a ticket to he thought to himself.

The next day he was on his day off because his gaffer had other things to do. So he went to the market and was waging off until he saw a familiar face. Then he realized it was William Par and after a long minute he decided to give it back.

When he met William Par Kevin said," I found your ticket to the Titanic and I want you to have it."

" Thank you, what is your name," said William.

" Kevin."

" Well Kevin your a real corker and what you did for me is just blinding," remarked William," And come to think of it I thought my ticket had been stolen. And I wanted to conk whoever stole it upside the head and the paste them up good."

" Well I'm glad I didn't steal it,"

" And to thank you for your honesty I will give you my ticket."

Wow he thought to himself I really don't deserve this. But overall he was cuffed.

So he said "thank you" and walked off. In the next fortnight he was bite your arm off exited; he could hardly clean the eating iron at his job Because he had a first class ticket to the Titanic. I am normally hard cheese since my mum and pop died in a car accident right when I thought nothing could be worse than how gutted we were he thought to himself. So I might not want to go on the Titanic because everything I do something goes bad and I don't want to make the unsinkable sink.

He was so exited he could honk because he was getting on the ship right now. He saw two people in a kerfuffle to his right and a group of people playing the ivories. Then he noticed maybe he isn't such bad luck he's on a ship with no Joe Blogs and not here uninvited like the stowaway he saw when he put his luggage away his name is Paddy

So he goes to his room and turns on the idiot box and trys to go to sleep but he hears a thud then the alarms what will he do next.

The End

1.Nob = a rich person. 2. Doofer = a thingamajig. 3.The fuzz = the police. 4.Gaffer = boss. 5.Wag off = goof off. 6.Corker = good person.7. Blinding = Great. 8.Conk = punch.9. Paste = Beat up extensively. 10.Cuffed = Very Happy. 11.Fortnight = Two weeks. 12.Bite your arm off = very extremely exited. 13. Eating irons = Dirty dishes.14. Hard Cheese = bad luck. 15. Gutted = poor.16. Honk = vomit. 17. Kerfuffle. 18. Ivories = piano.19. Joe Blogs = average people. 20.idiot box = TV.


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