You are faced with Bobby C Morgan. Roll for initiative.

Bobby attacks your eyeballs with +5 illustrations!
"You sure this thing is safe?"
You suffer 311 points of enjoyment.
Mummy Attack
Another wave of sick graphics explodes your face holes!
"Death, next to love, is a trivial thing."
Oh snap! It's Sorcha from that old 'Willow' movie, sucka!

who is this guy?

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer. Drawing inspiration from the cartoons and video games of my childhood, I create unique and fun designs.

this guy seems like a nerd...

This is mostly because I am. I've created lyrics to the Imperial March from Star Wars, I'm a regular Dungeon Master for D&D games at my local game/comic store, and for my honeymoon, my wife and I visited shot locations for Game of Thrones in Ireland.

I'm a NERD and damn proud of it.

So he can draw, what else?

Illustration is my main focus, but I also like to flex my creative muscles in other things like animation and comics. I've created shorts on Newgrounds, made a mini comic called Ultra Maega, and dabble in some game design as well. I'll be sure to post examples of my comics and games as they become available.

go check out my work.

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Bobby Morgan

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