Gonzo Stennis is an intelligent creative from Flint, MI who sometimes goes by alternative hip-hop alter ego Imagine. In his early stages, he found a love for music while growing up with a family of singers in a robust city. As the economy depleted and the water crisis struck, it drove devastating amounts of resources away from their reach; constructing a very dark, violent and povertous environment for everyone. This forms a difficult place to thrive creatively; however, Imagine envisioned a different future for himself and his Cult of misfits - Down By Six.

Imagine used music as a means of escape, channeling his depression and rage into a very unorthodox delivery. His style ushers vibes that range from high-energy to dark and moody as present in his recent release “Ghost”. This EP revisits Imagine’s past while prophesying his future, causing the listener to experience anything from euphoria to thoughtfulness for those who battle their demons. Imagine’s song “Epiphany” explains his downward spiral into a creative shutdown. The somber strings and vintage percussion gives it a sentimental feel. In contrast, “Disrespectful” displays Imagine’s retaliation at his past break-ups. This song has heavy hip hop production and sharp, blunt lyrics.

Since Imagine’s start in 2015, he’s rocked cities across the country with very energetic and bold performances including at SXSW in Austin, A3C in Atlanta, and Hash Bash in Ann Arbor. Sharing stages with the likes of Playboi Carti, Unotheactivist, Warhol.ss, Snoop Dogg, Jacquees and Twista has landed Imagine features in the 2017 Emcee Cypher, multiple interviews at Club 93.7 in Flint, and an exclusive interview with Patchwerk in Atlanta after winning the "Tight 32" rap competition. This isn’t the end for his imagination. His future plans include the Ghost Michigan Tour with a special performance in support of NBA Youngboy at Dort Federal Event Center in Flint on Sept 1st.

Imagine /iˈmajən/: verb- visualize, envisage, envision, picture, see in the mind’s eye, dream up, think up/of, conjure up, conceive, conceptualize, ideate.


  • 1/25- Michigan’s Most Wanted 2. Bankrose Venue. Detroit, MI
  • 2/15- Dark Hearts Vol. 1. GladItsNight Showroom. Flint, MI.
  • 2/23- Return Of The Rage 2. GladItsNight Showroom. Flint, MI.
  • 3/1- Bridging The Gap. Club Above. Ann Arbor, MI.
  • 3-9- 734 Saturday’s. Northern’s. Ypsilanti, Mi.


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