Good Life Tour of the Harn Attila nagy

I went alone to this museum and I am glad I chose to because I was able to immerse in the beautiful arts that this museum entailed. Creativity is one of my core values and this place was filled with that. Hence, why I enjoyed so much.

This masterpiece is done with etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, and is titled ‘The Triumphal Arch’. When I saw this painting I immediately became captivated by the ridiculous amount of intricacy. They even provided magnifying glasses in this exhibit because it was filled with paintings like this. I love the lack of coloring because it emphasizes the detail. The work represents his love for ruined architecture, implying a sense of hostility and menace, which is beautifully enhanced by the sophistication and choice of black and white colors. Overall, the artwork made me feel intimidated and a little afraid.
o The exhibit that I picked was the Frida Kahlo one, where her photographs were put out, whereby one could learn about her life. I have been familiar with her work and her life story and I have such admiration for her tenacity. I loved how the photographs were put in a chronological order, each adding something new to her story. I grew an even bigger appreciation for her as an artist and as a lover.
This artwork is by Claude Money, titled ‘Oat Field. The artist painted in rhythmic strokes instead of blending to capture the effects of light. I picked this painting because it represents such high level of creativity. Who would have thought that the absence of blending would create such beautiful art? In terms of my core values, creativity is the one that I will want to carry over my life, and this piece shows that defying what is normal and standard can still create beauty. From this, I know that not following others will get me where I want to be.
This piece is ‘Prism’ by Marilyn Minter. She represents the pathology of glamour and what women have to endure in society on an everyday basis. This relates to the Good Life’s embodying section where we discussed Bordo’s essay on the pressure to be skinny and fit. The use of vivid light with a touch of reality highlights the message about the detrimental effect of vying for the perfect body. Both pieces are alluring, creating a sense of deception in the beholder.

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