The Sweetest Rock Cycle My Gummy Bear EXPERIMENT - Brodey Mcneil

For my rock experiment I used gummy bears as a substitution for stones. This is because gummy bears are easy to melt and deal with, and I get an exciting project to show my understanding of the rock cycle.

Sedimentary Rock

It all starts with sediments. These are little pieces of broken down rock that come to be because of weathering and erosion. I used scissors (A.K.A weathering and erosion) to cut up the gummy bears.

All the Sediment

What I then did is wrap all of the sediments in plastic wrap. I had created a sedimentary rock!

The wrap also works as compaction and cementation.

Metamorphic rock

To start out the changing of the rocks I microwaved the rock for about 15 seconds. I then used my hands to make the ball stick together. I finally used lots of heavy books, and I applied lots of pressure to the gummy rock.

That's a lot of weight!

After a lot of work and patience, I finally peeled the sticky ball out of the bag. I now had a sedimentary rock!

Very Colorful!

Igneous Rock

This was definitely my favorite part of this experiment! I got to take a blowtorch and set fire to a gummy rock! This shows the melting stage that sedimentary rocks go through. The rock gets so hot that it melts into magma! How cool is that? The stone then cools into an igneous rock.

This is the rock before cooling.
This is the rock after cooling.

Thank You!

P.S. I had adult supervision during the blowtorch scene, and the videos were filmed weirdly. But, I had no way of taking them again because I had run out of supplies. Sorry for that!


Created with images by Hans - "gold bear gummi bears bear" • James St. John - "Calcarenitic eolianites over calcrete paleosol over calcarenitic eolianites (Grotto Beach Formation over Owl's Hole Formation, Pleistocene; Watling's Quarry, San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 8"

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