Introducing Adobe XD CC Design, prototype, and share engaging user experiences.

Give your designers the power to go from concept to prototype faster with XD, the new end-to-end UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps, and more. Count on smooth, powerful performance to deliver experiences that feel as good as they look across devices and platforms. And because XD is part of Creative Cloud for enterprise, it is easy to manage licenses and deployment.

What makes XD different?

Simplifies complicated workflows by offering a complete design, prototype and sharing solution

Built from the ground up, XD is a fast, nimble solution made for unparalleled performance and speed

Natively built for both macOS and Windows 10, ensuring the same great speed and stability

Available as part of Creative Cloud and complements Adobe's industry-leading design solutions

Easy deployment, licensing and management with Adobe Admin Console

Key Features of XD

Repeat Grid

One of the many timesaving tools in XD, Repeat Grid lets you select design elements such as a contact list or photo gallery and replicate them horizontally or vertically as many times as you want - keeping your styles and spacing in tact.

Reimagined Layers

Work faster and stay organized with a modern, contextual Layers panel that displays layers only for the part of the document you're working on.

Assets Panel

This panel provides a high-level view of and access to your design elements. Create and manage colors, character styles, and symbols for re-use throughout your design.

Creative Cloud Libraries

With Creative Cloud Libraries integration, designers can access and apply raster images, colors, and character styles created in Photoshop and Illustrator into XD, even from other team members.

From Static to Interactive in Minutes

Turn your comps into interactive prototypes complete with transitions, and then test your experiences—all without having to upload, sync, or jump back and forth between apps.

Mobile Preview for iOS and Android

Make sure your experience works the way you want by previewing your prototype on the actual screens you're designing for. Changes you make on your desktop will be reflected on your Android or iOS device.

Faster Feedback

Share prototypes with teammates and stakeholders via the web directly from XD. Reviewers can pin comments on a specific area of your prototype, and all feedback is consolidated in one place to quickly revise and republish.

XD helps companies get a head start

“Using Adobe XD, we were able to design, develop and ship a new service in six weeks,” says Ole Fredrik Lie, Senior Designer at Backelite. “We’ve met the deadline, and that would not have been possible without Adobe XD.”
Adobe XD CC was looking like a one-stop shop for app prototyping and I wanted to be a part of the experience." J.D. Knight, UI Designer, HP
"Adobe XD will revolutionize the way we work by allowing user experience and creative teams to share, comment, build, and test experiences in real time," says Derek Boyles, Head of Creative, Shop Direct. "When you're dreaming of something new, you don't want barriers."
“With Adobe XD CC, we were able to quickly prototype and test the solution with actual customers, which allowed us to better understand their behavior and fine tune the experience to meet their expectations.” Steve Wentzell, Senior Director, E-commerce, Lids Sports Group
"Adobe XD has given us the ability to create end-to-end products without leaving the application. There are many more features like collaboration, prototype, feedbacks and symbols which help expedite the design process." -Rajesh Angra, Creative Head, Times Internet Ltd.

To get started with XD:

  1. If you have access to a Creative Cloud All Apps plan, simply download it from the Creative Cloud desktop app
  2. If you don't have access, contact your Adobe account team to learn more
Created By
Carly Abbott


Created with images by eugenesergeev - "Abstract white 3d interior with polygonal pattern on the wall" • XtravaganT - "Artistic blue watercolor splash effect template" • zuzabax - "Textured paper surface" • Arlenta - "abstract blue background with triangles and rectangle shapes layered in contemporary modern art design" • zephyr_p - "White grunge brick wall texture background" • Sergey Panychev - "Dark abstract polygonal background" • peshkov - "metal texture" • Dima - "Old Paper Texture" • eugenesergeev - "Abstract dark concrete 3d interior with polygonal pattern on the" • Kanokpol - "Abstract pink watercolor on white background.The color splashing on the paper.It is a hand drawn." • koya979 - "hexagonal abstract 3d background" • LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - "cardboard" • tom4ic - "Texture of old concrete wall for background" • abbiesartshop - "black chalkboard background with marbled texture" • natalyfoto - " Defocused Light Background"

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