The Rise of Hitler Hanna young

January 30, 1993

Dear Diary, Today, Adolf Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany! It excites me that he was elected. I am so very excited that he was elected. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for our country. He said he would help the unemployed by providing better jobs and make a better market for farmers. Hopefully he will get us out of the mess were in. I think he has blessed us and will make Germany a better place. I am very excited.

June 30, 1934

Dear Diary, Today there was news of an event named “The night of long lives.” This was said to be performed by Hitler. I heard that he killed members of his OWN political party. His own!! All because he feared that someday they would become an enemy and rebel against him. That’s unbelievable. I can’t believe he could do such a thing. I am beginning to questions his motives. I really hope he doesn’t continue to kill innocent people for not reason. I have a little less faith that his is going to be a wise leader and do great things for Germany.

August 2, 1934

Dear Diary, today our president Hindenburg passed away. Now, Hitler will take place as leader of Germany. Although I may be skeptical of Hitler’s, I still hope that he will fulfill his promises for Germany. I’ve been hearing about some of the things he is doing and they don’t sound good. My only hope is that he will reverse this mess.

September 15 1935

Dear Diary, today the Nuremberg laws were released by Hitler. I think that as us Germans, if we want to marry Jews we should be allowed that right. I do not agree with most of these laws he has established. I am scared. What is going to happen?


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