What I learned about the Revolutionary war jaden herbst

The first thing that I learnd that lead up to the revolutionly war was the stap act. They put a tax on every stamp. So if you wanted to send any thing with a stap you payed a tax. this was so the brish got more money from the colonest.

The second thing that I learnd about the war was the bosten tea party act. The colinest was not to happy about the britsh putting a tax on the tea. So the dumped 342 chest opened full of opend tea.

The thrid thing that I learnd was the sugar act. The Britsh put a three cent tax on the sugar, coffe, and surten kinds of win.The britsh did this because they were in det.

The forth thing that I learnd about the war is the continental congress. Two goups from all over the thritten colinnes to discuss liberity. They did not won't the great britin so they did this with out them knowing.

the fith thing that i learned about the war is the townshend when the britsh added more taxes the town did not act on this well so the repeaded them all but not the tea so that colisest charged at the britsh.

the first war i learnd about is the battle of bunker hill. the people of bosten found out that britsh was planing on atticking. So they gathered up a army and hide. then they atticked on the britsh and the britsh won the war.

the second war that a learnd was the battle of lexington. britsh and MA. were fighting.MA. learnd about evering thing that they were doing and beat them.

The thrid war that i learend about was the capture of fort tic

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