DJ SKURGE Sa, 30.6.18 | Discotribe | Palais Club



Juan atkins, Milton Baldwin aka DJ SKurge, Mad mike Banks
Underground Resistance | Detroit
Hosted by DISCOTRIBE | Sandra Gold

Support by A lizard called A | Tobi Pleierkasten | sandra gold

A lizard called A

Devoted ElectroniC

Tobi PleierKasten

Discotribe | Palais-Staff

Sandra Gold

DISCOTRIBE | Palais Club

Hosted by Discotribe

Sa, 30.06.2018 | DISCOTRIBE pres. DJ SKURGE | Palais Club
Palais Club | Arnulfstraße 16-18 | Hauptbahnhof | 80335 München

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The Minute, you think, you are greater then the music you are finished. (FRankie Knuckles)

+++ TECHNO and HOUsE without boundaries since 1991 +++ There are no rules, fear is unknown and sleep is out of question! +++ www.soundcloud.com/psycho-thrill-recordings

"Music is that portal that binds us and expands all boundaries" My current project Decisive Podcast Series is the Vessel that contains Professional Artist, Musicians, Dj´s and Producers.

Only Good Vibes


The label DISCOTRIBE by Sandra Gold satisfies the cravings for electronic sounds of the old school, and also presents driving beats and basses of contemporary design in an innovative-ornate robe. The union of different danceable styles and a symbiosis between currently successful artists, freshly growing pupils in the field of electronic dance and celebration culture, as well as heroes of the early techno era, which corresponds exactly to the DISCOTRIBE philosophy!

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Palais, Claus Bachor, Stan DIETUEr, Rolf, Roberto Ingram (DeCisive Podcast), Anton, Ricardo, Tobi, susi, GlauCo, Timo, Nadine, Yves + Paul +Julien (Devoted Electronic), Elis + Hansi, Sascha, Dragan, Rocky, Toni, Lena, Pat, Robert, Nicole, Andre, Bernie, Georg, Mike, Tonka, Petra, Sigi, Swetlana, Ellmar, Eva, Matt, Manu, Taulant, Chris, HanY, Kiki, Magnus, Tomo, Tatjana, Fabio, Rene, Jana, Nicole K., Ina, Niko, Laura, Andreas, Stefan, Konrad to be continued.

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