Aipotu no jealousy, no crime, no problem.

in Aipotu, our schools education is free, there is zero pollution, and all the resources you need. Here we embrace your passions and skills and we promise we will find a job just for you. There is no disruption, and if you have a problem with the society, you can install our new virtual reality room, where you get to create your own world! you just have to sign off a couple papers and your set! although our comunity is perfect, we still have to have some rules. rule number one is no jealousy. we don't want people getting mad at other people so we have to follow that one. rule number two is no crime. just like the old comunity, there is no crime, in fact you don't need too because we give you all the food and esentials that you need. Rule number 3 is no staying out after twelve. just, don't. you have to show up for work, cause we dont want anyone to get fired, now do we. The 10 original amenments, cause we still love our country that enough. no weapons sold, unless you work for our millitary. no war, unless you work for our millitary. no murder, unless you work for our millitary. no screens, unless told you are told you can have one, because they can damage your brain cells. and the tenth rule is that you cant sell things with out permission. our government type is federal public, because every one has a chance to become president. our daily schedule is 7;30 you wake up and go through out your day and you have to be at work by 8. and you have to go to bed at 8pm.

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