CS GO Guide for beginners

This is a guide for beginners which are new to Counter Strike Global Offensive. First ask yourself have you played PC gaming before and what types of games, if you have played games like Call of duty and fps (First Person Shooter) games this should be easier for you, if you haven't played fps (First Person Shooter) games then its good your here because we will give you the guide that you need that are for both new PC fps (First Person Shooter) gamers and fps (First Person Shooter) gamers.

By far the most important tip is to be calm and stay focused if your new to the game you will probably get stressed because your getting killed by guys which are two times better than you, so what i did was go into an offline match with bots and set the bots to easy this will help your game sense, this helps you know where to look and check your corners and how to get an opening frag (kill) this will put your team in an advantage. When i was new i went into matches and find people to help me out, this is a great thing to do cause they could teach you the basics. Another really good tip is too download workshop maps that improve your aim, if you were a console fps (First Person Shooter) gamer then you can use things that you have learned from Call of Duty and other fps (First Person Shooter) then they might have a radar which can tell you where an enemy is, in Counter Strike Global Offensive its the same concept you have a radar which tells you where an enemy is when you shoot.


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