Hybrid at Oly Student & Family Information

As some of our students prepare to return to campus, we know there are many questions about what in-person learning will look and feel like. To help prepare both students and families we have developed this resource page. Here is a link to the hybrid schedule. Here is the hybrid survey. Here is the roster of teachers who will be in-person. Whether you choose to return to campus or stay remote, we are confident in our ability to rise to the challenge of creating meaningful instruction at this unique time. Thanks for your kindness! Please note, there is a letter copy of this information linked at the bottom of this website, if you prefer reading in a different format.

Sections Below: FAQs, Safety, Transportation, School Day Details, Student Life Details.

Frequently Anticipated Questions

When do we start hybrid? Our best guess is late March.

What group is my student in? Once the survey is complete, and we balance the two in-person groups, we will send you a notification indicating which group your student is in.

How are groups assigned? Groups are randomly assigned. Families with students on multiple campuses can request to keep their students on the same hybrid days. Beyond that, we will do our best to accommodate special circumstances. Please call our Main Office (360-596-7000) with your questions.

Are PM classes required? Attendance in all scheduled classes is required. If your student must be absent, please call the Attendance Office (360-596-7003) to let us know.

Do we know when more staff will teach in-person? No. However, we anticipate more teachers choosing to return to campus now that vaccines are available for all K-12 staff.

Can remote students have the option to "view" in-person classes? Possibly. However, this is entirely the teacher's discretion and will not be required for anyone.

When will spectators be allowed at sporting events? We believe we will be allowed to have limited guests for on-campus sporting events starting in WIAA Season Two.

Safety Details

What are the health screening expectations? Families will do a monthly health attestation on Skyward. Before entering campus each day, our students will be screened by an adult and they will receive a sticker indicating to our staff that they are ready for the day.

Are students required to wear masks? Yes. All masks are required to meet CDC guidelines, as well as OHS dress code policy. Disposable masks are available at all check-in stations. Students may elect to wear a face shield instead, but only if it is deemed to be medically necessary. Please contact our school nurse if you have questions about this requirement.

What happens when a student becomes ill at school? If a student is not feeling well while on campus, they need to inform a staff member and the student will be escorted to the nurse's office for a health assessment. If we are worried that the student may be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, they will be supervised in our isolation room until a family member can pick them up.

What happens if there is a confirmed case at school? If there is a single confirmed case, for either a staff member or a student, we will follow the PHSS flowchart (on Page 15). An "outbreak" is when two-or-more students or staff members who have tested positive are linked through a shared location, and did not have significant contact outside the school grounds. If we are notified of an outbreak, we will contact the families of students who were also present in the affected location and shift to remote instruction for those classrooms only. If the closed classrooms ever constitute more than 10% of our campus capacity, we will close the building and shift everyone back to remote instruction.

What are the classroom safety protocols? Each classroom has been measured, labeled with a new capacity limit, and the furniture has been adjusted in order to ensure that maximum distance is created. In between periods, teachers are encouraged to wipe down high touch areas like door handles. At the end of the day, rooms will be cleaned and sanitized by our custodial staff, per federal and state guidelines.

Transportation Details

Will students be distanced and masked on the bus? Yes. Students will also have assigned seats and be distanced to the greatest extent possible. The windows will be open to allow for more air flow.

How do I request bus transportation for my student? If your student will need bus transportation once we begin hybrid, please complete our request form and send it to transportation.

Do students need to buy parking passes? No. We do not issue parking permits, but students must complete a form so we can identify the vehicles parked on campus. Students can park in any available spots they find in the Carlyon and Ingersoll lots.

What are the pick-up and drop-off locations for bus riders? School bus pick-up and drop-off locations have not changed. However, all students will need to enter the school either through the North Street entrance (by the main office), or the Carlyon entrance (by the new ASB and Athletics office), or the PAC entrance (next to the boys locker room). Students are not allowed to enter the building through any other doors.

What are the pick-up and drop-off locations for parent transportation? Parents can drop off their student wherever is most convenient. Please note, the building will open at 11:30 AM. All students will need to enter the school either through the North Street entrance (by the main office), or Carlyon entrance (by the new ASB and Athletics office), or the PAC entrance (next to the boys locker room) Students are not allowed to enter the building through any other doors.

School Day Details

When my student's teacher isn't there, where do they go? At this time, when a teacher is working remotely, their in-person students will Zoom with them for class from that teacher's classroom. That space may be supervised by another staff member, or the students may be assigned to a larger space (like the commons, or lecture hall) for the period.

What should students bring with them each day? Hybrid students should bring their Chromebook (or alternative device), charger, and headphones. We also recommend a water bottle. As a reminder, our campus does not have lockers.

Will students be served lunch? Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch (for the following day) will be available to all students as they exit the building in the afternoon. There is no cost for student meals this year.

How will students stay distanced on campus? We have directional markers in all our hallways to improve the flow of traffic and promote social distancing. Passing times have been increased, and common areas will be supervised. We will remind our students to spread out, mask up, and keep groups small!

Can students leave campus if they have a remote class at the beginning or end of their day? Yes. All students will need to check out with attendance before departing.

Student Life Details

What will students actually do during in-person instruction? In-person learning will expand on the lessons and/or assess the material taught in the morning remote sessions. Afternoon classes can present new content, as long as that content is similarly presented to all student groups.

How do students safely check-in at the start of the day? The building opens at 11:30 AM. When students enter the building, they will be met by an adult who will conduct a quick health screening and check the student's temperature. Students will be given a sticker confirming their successful check-in. Hand sanitizer and disposable masks will be available at each entrance.

What are the in-building behavior expectations, and when will they be taught? We will review the new behavior expectations heavily the first week of hybrid, and then intermittently after that.

Is Bear Time a part of the hybrid schedule? Yes. Bear Time will still be a part of our Wednesday schedule and will be conducted virtually for all students on Wednesdays after Homeroom and before the afternoon remote classes.

Do in-person students still check themselves in for attendance purposes? Yes. All students will still complete the daily check-in using the OSD Portal. For hybrid students, teachers will use a separate function within the Portal to indicate who actually shows up for in-person classes.

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