Blended Learning Platforms


EMEX (Emerging Media Exploration) is a 3-year Erasmus+ co-funded project that has brought together universities and industry partners from U.K. Germany, and Finland to investigate the key skills, competencies, and methods of creative collaboration relevant to emerging media education in the 21st Century. [Grant number: 2018-DE01-KA203-004282].


This document describes the modes of collaboration that were implemented by the EMEX consortium [A4.1], as well as reflecting on how these approaches were adapted and updated throughout the project [A4.2]. In order to review these developments in detail, the consortium produced a series of podcasts entitled 'EMEX Lockdown Learning' These podcasts present a series of conversations that reflect on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the Emerging Media Exploration project. In particular, we address the transition from a hybrid approach that originally included a blend of short online courses and physical production workshops, towards a fully online approach that was required during the restrictive national lockdowns of 2020-21 . The aim of this series of podcasts is to address the collaboration infrastructure that was adopted in response to these challenges and to discuss what the EMEX consortium has learned throughout this process. The 6-part series includes the following episodes:

  1. Processes
  2. Tools
  3. Set-Ups
  4. Best Practices
  5. The Future of Online Learning
  6. Raw and Uncut


This episode addresses the creative processes that were adopted and adapted throughout the course of the EMEX project. After a brief introduction to the Spring and Autumn courses that took place in the first iteration of the project, the episode focuses on the challenges and disruptions to the planned 'blended-collaboration' model as a result of the pandemic, as well as considering if there were any benefits of moving towards a fully online approach.


This episode discusses the various tools and platforms that have been utilised by the EMEX consortium to support collaboration, communication, and the dissemination of learning materials. Further information on collaboration tools is addressed in the Blended Collaboration Field Guide [A4.3]


This episode considers what the ideal environment for online collaboration looks like, reflecting on the technical set-ups, workspaces, and DIY-solutions that have been adopted by the EMEX consortium over the 3-years - particularly during the pandemic where the majority of learning was taking place online and people were confined to working from home.


In this episode, we reflect on our experiences over the course of the past 3-years and discuss a number of best practices/rules of engagement for facilitating successful online collaboration. We address the various advantages and disadvantages of online teaching, sharing the insights that we have learned along the way.


In this episode, we debate the future of online learning and reflect on our key takeaways from the project. We discuss the impact that EMEX has had on our individual teaching practices and curriculum development, as well as highlighting how EMEX has directly informed a number of other projects.


This episode provides a behind-the-scenes commentary of Lockdown Learning that addresses the creative approach we took to plan, organise and produce this series of podcasts.