Florida Museum of Natural History By: Charles Bryant

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History places you directly in the exhibit, allowing you to place yourself in the center of nature. The Butterfly Garden was simply beautiful and absolutely captivating. The exhibit certainly allowed me to witness the beauty of nature first hand, it's simply not the same as just seeing/reading about these creatures online or in a textbook, and it's honestly amazing seeing them in person.

Me at the Butterfly Garden

Nature and Ethics

The museum certainly made me take a moment to reflect on man's relationship with nature. Sometimes it's hard to realize that we're all a part of Earth, and just because some species may not be advanced as ours, it doesn't mean we're entitled to more than other species. When I saw and read about how the butterflies are received for the museum I was a bit astonished. We're taking these creatures and not allowing them to breed how they're supposed to. Basically each butterfly has a certain flower which can host it's babies, and the garden is specifically designed not to carry the individual flowers for the butterflies. I don't think it's right to withhold a species' ability to reproduce, though I do understand the reasoning of the museum. Man's relationship with nature is a tough one to navigate as there certainly are more blurred lines than clear ones.

Nature & the Human Spirit

This museum allows us to take a step out of our normal life and take a journey through time. The museum really forced me to think about how evolution affects all of us, and how much changes with time. In the pictures below you can see a Megalodon mouth, the largest species of sharks. You can also see the Giant Ground Sloth, which literally towers over me. Both species are extinct now, and their closest relatives are shadows of what these two were. It's simply incredible how the world works and the balance it maintains.

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