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There once was a man whom lived in dirt and snow......No one cared to help they watched as he withered away.

Then one cold,malicious,hatred beamed night, black knights came and swept him away.He was taking to the palace due to him being the rightful heir to the throne.

Since he's never felt love,appreciation, and ownership, he become obsessed with owning all the treasure in the land. He ordered everyone in the knigdom to saturate him with jewels,beloveds,and gold.

So when he heard of a place where only gold and treasures lie,he sent all of his men to capture and bring him what he longed for. Despite the man eating dragon that guarded the caves.All but 1 of his knights died,after days of traveling through dust and wind,he was able to inform the king of the lost.

The king was infuriated.He acted rash against the last survivor.He swiftly grabbed his sword,threw himself on the back of a horse, and traveled to danger.It took about a day and a half until he arrived.

when he saw the jewels and gold he screamed in glory,but his love for gold would be the root of his death. He roar was loud enough to awaken the dragon.The king immediately ran into the hidden room among the caves,where he saw the prize jewel.

He dropped everything and ran to the treasure, but as soon as he grabbed it the cave began to self destruct.He ran and ran but was never found again.He was buried with the gold of his sin.

"All the glisters in not gold."

Created By
Kyndal Black


Created with images by Hans - "pizza ham-cheese-pizza nutrition" • Leroy_Skalstad - "people homeless woman" • shwethashankar - "Dunluce Castle" • JamesDeMers - "treasure jewels pearls" • seth0s - "statue cemetery grave" • Ben124. - "Golden water, Harrison's Cave" • maelclerambault - "ruby" • istara - "gold bar gold bar"

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