Song and Tang Dynasties Impacts on china

Tang Dynasty

During the Tang Dynasty, China achieved the peak of its civilization and became the center of trade in the east.

The study of medicine is one of the highest contributions of Tang Dynasty. The use of herbs or organic materials for medicine was developed and spread by this empire. One thing they discovered in the field of medicine, discovered that the source of diabetes, a condition caused by excess sugar through a urine experimentation.

The study of complex chemicals to create gunpowder was also one of the Tang Dynasty contributions, some others to name are inventions of gas cylinders, air conditioning, waterproof creams, clothes and even porcelains. The significance of woodblock printing was also one of Tang Dynasty ultimate contribution as they have introduced the concept of printing images and text using woodblocks and later developed into paper.

The study of Law and Math were also prominent Tang Dynasty achievements in the field of education, it marked a huge contribution for economic growth and stability of building a strong foundation for China. The Tang Dynasty achievements were extra-ordinarily exceptional, and the empire contributed greatly to art, social cultures, and foreign relations.

The video above is a visual representation of the inventions from the Tang Dynasty.

Tang Dynasty at Drents Museum
Tang Dynasty-Singapore
Tang Dynasty at Drents mueseum

Song Dynasty

Song era scientists and inventors advanced scientific knowledge remarkably quickly compared to those of other dynastic eras. However, unlike their influence in culture, much of the Song scientific advances were lost in later dynasties.

Shen Kuo (1031–1095) wrote scientific treatises about his research and about various fields that show advanced knowledge. He was a court official as well as a general. Though he failed in his campaign against the Western Xia, he was very successful as a scientist. He also wrote about how a contemporary printer manufactured and used movable type. However, he didn't write that the printer was the inventor of this technique.

The magnetic compass was part of many improvements in boating and navigation. The Song dynasty had the first standing navy in world history. They built large ships over 300 feet long that had watertight compartments and onboard catapults that could toss huge rocks onto their enemies. Gunpowder had a lasting impact on warfare. The Song used gunpowder for fireworks, but also found ways to use it in battle. They developed various bombs, rockets, and fire arrows. Unfortunately for the Song, the Mongols copied their ideas and ended up using these weapons against them.

This video above brings a visual representation of its impacts while also explaining some history of the Tang dynasty.

Song Dynasty City
Song Dynasty City
Song Dynasty City

Effects on Modern Day World

The Tang and Song Dynasty effects our modern day world greatly. With the many advancements in science, mathematics, and technology. Also the culture of the two dynasties spread with the silk road and trade causing a big influence on the world too.

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