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Starting a meditation practice can be intimidating, but it can make a positive difference in your life. Meditation is not religion. Its benefits have been tested by science. The goal is to achieve a higher level of consciousness allowing you to meet life from a place of balance.

Take a moment. Stop the world around you. Focus on quieting your mind and connect with your higher self.

This is why I start my day with meditation. It sets the tone for how I handle any challenge that comes my way. Drama free and with quiet confidence.

Cultivate Stillness

The goal of meditation is to experience peace, happiness and bliss, but the biggest obstacle is the mind itself.

Let's try anyway.

Begin by focusing on your breath. If and when a thought arises, acknowledge it without judgement and then come back to your breath. Repeat.

Block out the external chaos.

I like to incorporate pranayama or breathwork into my meditation.

Focusing on my breath and following an inhale for a 5 count, hold for a 5 count, exhale for a 10 count and hold for a 5 count. The rhythm helps me to concentrate on my breath, quiet the chatter in my mind and calm my nervous system.

The result is a more centered mind which allows me to connect with my inner wisdom and be my best self.

Other forms of meditation include body scanning, transcendental, moving, loving- kindness, guided, mantra and visualization. You can use an app such as Insight Timer to give you guidance on your own meditation journey.


Have patience. Practice consistently.

Change is gradual.

The result is greater mental clarity, peace and pause. You will learn the difference between responding rather than reacting to challenge and adversity. This not only helps you, it helps those around you.

J. Opeka

Yoga Instructor. Ironman Triathlete.


Yoga. Every. Day.


Words by: JanelOpekaYoga ~ Photos by: DeanPaganiPhotography

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