RAIN FOREST ANImals🐊and Plants🌿

Rain Forest is the earth's oldest ecosystem.

Rain forest are the earths oldest ovens ecosystem.They are so amazing and beautiful.These incredible lovers only /6 of the earths surface but yet they contain More Than 1/2 of the worlds plant and animal species that rainforest can be described us a tall,dense jungle.

The rose 🌹 superpower is Passion flower is one of the most elaborate

The Passion flower is one of the most elaborate

These tiny plant survive by using tremendous. This is the cocoa superpower

These tiny fruit survive by using Tremendous

These rainforest plant live in warm humid environment. This is the coffee superpower

Rainforest plants live in warm humid environment

The superpower of the tiger is they camouflage in high places

Small animals,including monkeys,bird,snakes are common inspired

In a volatile and competitive pcical envihorment like the tropical rainforest.

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