Claude Monet Jack Dwyer, Period: B, november artist 26

Claude Monet was first born in 1840 in Paris, France. As he began painting during his lifetime he founded French impressionalism. His paintings, like "Impression Sunrise" featured here, were heavily inspired by how he viewed nature. Claude Monet was famous for saying people don't need to try and understand his art but to simply love it. He died in 1926.
Le Bassin Aux Nymphéas greatly represents Monet's interest in painting art.
Japanese foot bridge, painted in 1922
One of Monet's most vibrant paintings, The Cliff Walk at Pourville, includes many aspects of his signature art. Monet included many different oil colorings in the painting ranging majority on the cooler side of the color wheel. Monet also included two people, what appears to be a mother and child, and multiple boats in the distance.
The most eye catching feature in the painting are the two figures standing by the cliff side. Without putting too much detail in the painting Monet actually causes more detail to occur. By simply painting two abstract figures he uses our brains to fill in the gaps and create a picture in our heads.

I greatly enjoy this painting and would definitely purchase it were money not a problem. I honestly don't think their is too much behind the meaning of this painting since Monet was a firm believer that his art shouldn't be made to be understood. He believed the only thing needed for art was to love it.

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