Spatial Inequality By: Tanner sprouse

Why isn't life fair or is it? Life can't be fair for a lot of people because some people don't get to get any education. Also life can't be fair for a lot of people because some people don't get enough food, water, and other things like that. And some people don't get any shelter, because they can't get jobs so they can buy a house. But also life can be fair because their could be community centers that will give you free breakfast and stuff. Also life can be fair because you can get an education, food, shelter, water, friends, and a family.

The standard of living and what factors influence it. The standard of living is to have a food, water, a good personality, and shelter. What influences it that you should appreciate that every night your parents make dinner for you, they make sure your safe, they gave you a life and an education. But this family in the video doesn't get everything that you have. And their not complaining about their home and lack of food and water.

What is spatial inequality? Spatial inequality is like unequal amounts of resources and services that like depends on the area or location. Some communities either have a greater or less resources and services. Spatial inequality can be caused by different reasons such as culture, religion, and race.

Spatial inequality exists in urban areas because like big cities probably have a bunch of cops and firefighters. Their doing a service to protect you. They do a service to stop you from doing bad things. They probably have a lot of resources because theirs could be a lot of caves and mining going on in a big state or city.

In conclusion, my research about spatial inequality helped me learn a lot about Mexico City. It helped me learn that a lot of people are poor and have to eat food from a junk yard. And their shelter is made up from things from the junkyard. The people can get diseases from the food.


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