What Is The Meaning Of The CHOCTAW Tribes Name?

The meaning of Choctaw means:A member of a large Muskogee tribe of North American Indians.

Where in North America did Choctaw Indians live?

Choctaw Indians live in Alabama ,Oklahoma ,and Texas.They lived in those places because there were more rivers and streams and there was more fertilization which helped grow crops and plants.

What did they eat and why?

Choctaw Indians eat crops such as corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers.They also ate meat such as deer, turkey, and other small game.They ate this because that was the food they had around to eat.

Choctaw Indians sometimes set their villages in the middle of corn feilds.The homes they made were made with plaster and rivercane walls, with thatched roofs.The reason why they did this was because these materials made the houses almost as strong and warm as log cabins.

What did Choctaw Indians wear?

Choctaw indian men wore breechcloths.Choctaw woman wore wraparound skirts made of either deerskin or woven fiber.Shirts were not necessary in their culture though, but in cooler weather men, women, and kids wore ponchos.They also wore moccasins on their feet

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