OMAM Thematic Project


Of Mice And Men

“And have rabbits. Go on, George! Tell about what we're gonna have in the garden. And about the rabbits in the cages. Tell about the rain in the winter .... and about the stove and how thick the cream is on the milk, you can hardly cut it. Tell about that, George” (SteinBeck Page 15). The author taught us that dreams can come in different shapes and sizes; no matter what happens, always look at the possibilities.

The Scarlet Ibis

“Once I had succeeded in teaching Doodle to walk, I began to believe in my own infallibility, and I prepared a terrific development program for him, unknown to Mama and Daddy, of course. I would him to run, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight.” (Hurst Page 599).ACHIEVING A SMALL DREAM CAN CAUSE YOU TO TRY ACHIEVING FOR A BIGGER DREAM.


Carl Fredricksen, 78 year old man, and his wife, Ellie; They both grew up together, both shared a very common interest, both liked to explore. They once had a dream of having their house by the edge of the cliff. As they grew older, Ellie was becoming more ill and left the world. Carl was left, he met Russell, the Boy Scout. At the end of the movie, from all those issue carl had to go through, he finally made it in the end. The house was placed where him and his wife had always dreamed of.

So What

Not all dreams are easy to achieve but if you're a firm believer and try your best you'll get to it. You'll always have people who will interfere between you and you dream, that's why you'll need control what you want and don't want. Dreams are not impossible, everything is possible if you try. Everything is worth fighting for.

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