If you were to swap lives with a teacher at the high school for a day, who would you switch with and why? By Peter Finnerty and Eva Ducroux

Nicholas Loden, senior

"Probably Mr. Grant. It’s his last year, he’s going to retire and he is very interesting.He gets students; for his juniors and seniors, he understands that we’re older and we don’t want to work as hard. He understands us more than other teachers. That comes with experience, but I’d definitely choose Mr. Grant."

Logan Hughes, junior

“Probably Paul from the restaurant. He seems like he has a pretty chill life, and the restaurant’s a fun place to be. There’s food there all the time. It’s not a typical high school class, so it’s not that boring.”

Andrea Motekaitis, sophomore

“Steve Lantos, because he’s really funny and interesting. He seems like he is a really good teacher and lots of people like him. He’s a really good teacher and [especially] good at explaining things.”

Sophia Villafane, freshman

“It would be Dr. Mo because she seems like she really likes her students and she wants to connect with them after school and during class. She always checks up on us and asks how we’re doing. She cares about the students not only educationally but also emotionally.”


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