We only handle rental, right? A COUNTER BEAT NEWSLETTER


We run both print and online ads to sell used equipment

These ads prompt people to call your branch

They usually have an immediate need

How should you handle these calls?

Most of the calls that come into your branch will be rental inquiries. Your ability to turn those inquiries into rentals is key to the success of your branch. But there are other revenue opportunities for your branch, too. Some examples are parts sales, small equipment sales, blades and bits, and used equipment. Let's talk about used equipment sales.

Did you know that we run print ads like you saw above in trade magazines and that a whole section of our website is dedicated to selling used equipment? These ads often direct callers to call the local branch.

When you answer a call from a person looking to buy used equipment,


  • tell them we only handle rental (we sell as well as rent)
  • just give them the number of a sales rep to call (they might not make that call)


  • Treat a call about purchasing used equipment just like a call for a rental.
  • Assure the caller - "I can help you with that!"
  • Get ALL the information.

You should log all the information you can get so that you can pass a lead to the appropriate person in S3. The details you should get include:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Company (if applicable)
  • Address (at least city) - this will give you the information you need to determine which rep you need to pass the lead to for follow up
  • Piece of equipment they are looking to purchase - Make, Model & Equipment ID# (they should have the ID # if they saw an ad or were browsing our online used equipment list.) Knowing the ID # will tell you the exact piece which will have an advertised price, year, make, model and hours. This puts us in a great position to start the sales process.
  • What prompted them to call?

Another important thing to remember is that these potential buyers might also rent. If they are buying a piece, they might have a new job starting. There is often much potential beyond capturing the sale.

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