Abraham Lincoln An Renaissance MAn

Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, some know how he grew up, but almost no one knows the in between. No one knows the story that took place between 1831 and 1861. No one knows the story of Lincoln’s lawyer career. Strangely, Lincoln didn't know if he wanted to become a lawyer for sure until he was 22. He thought he would be unsuccessful with his limited education. What made him decide otherwise was his empty wallet and flies coming out of his lint filled pockets. Unlike today, where upstarting lawyers would go to college, Lincoln did what most people at his time did. Which was to follow someone in order to achieve a “good moral character”. Lincoln decided to follow a man by the name of John Stuart. After passing an oral exam, Lincoln became an official attorney of Sangamon County of Illinois.

Lincoln at the start of his career.

Throughout Lincoln’s career, he showed just how he acted. One way Lincoln showed his colours were in the courtroom was the way he presented himself. He wore simple clothes, like overalls and other country styled clothes. The consequences for his rustic attire were him getting fired, numerous times. And yet, Lincoln held his ideals close. Like telling the truth. Heck, in his older years he was quoted saying, “Let no young man choosing the law for a calling for a moment yield for a moment to the popular belief-resolve, to be honest at all events; and if in your own judgment you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest with being a lawyer.” Although, Lincoln did show just how cunning he was for the few famous cases he did. One of those cases he proved himself was when he had to defend a doctor from a man suing him for not taking care of his broken leg properly. So when the court date was just around the corner, Lincoln took the doctor aside and asked for an example. What the doctor did was take out a chicken leg and explain how the leg would naturally mend like that. And so Lincoln gave the same example in front of the courtroom, getting the colour that was made up of mostly farmers and the like to understand the problem better. In the end, Lincoln superfly showed his cunningness through his, lack of medicine and honesty through his years.

Lincoln in a courtroom.

Abraham Lincoln contributed greatly to the American people even before his presidency. Most importantly, Lincoln was a stellar lawyer and brought 3,800 cases to trial. Most of those cases were financial in nature and saved common people from financial ruin. Lincoln once stated, “Don’t shoot too high, shoot too low, that way the common folk will understand you. And then the higher class people will have no trouble understanding you.” He alway intended for all people to understand. He especially put farmers first in his priorities so while they were hard working people they could understand their financial circumstances and not be taken advantage of by a complicated system. Furthermore, later in Lincoln’s career as he entered politics, he suggested that a roof not be fixed because he would fix it upon his return from politics in Washington. Unfortunately, for those townspeople, and all of America, he never returned. In conclusion, Lincoln continues to affect the common folk of America.

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