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Most author visits I will sit there kind of bored but still paying my attention to the author, but Dr. Dinerstein really was an expert on an interesting topic. Listening to his story and research I was astounded and absolutely loved the presentation! He made me want to enhance my knowledge on the causes to help endangered species and enhanced my interest in the natural world!

--Krishna D.

I thought it was very interesting to learn about all his adventures. It was cool to hear about things we don't talk about everyday in school.

--Olivia A.

I really enjoyed his talk and how it was more of a lesson about animals in Nepal and his adventures there, instead of only about the book. The pictures that he showed us also helped to enhance the presentation. I really liked it! It inspired me to get involved in nature and do something to protect endangered species.

--Annabelle E.

I liked my time with Eric Dinerstein because he showed us what his secret camera looks like.

--Paul W.

I learned that more habitats were critically endangered than ever before, and that passageways are needed to connect the nature reserves. I liked that I learned more about a very important topic that will be important for humanity to understand. It was something I wouldn't normally hear and was a topic I knew very little about, which helped to expand my horizons.

--Michael L.

I liked it because it gave me something to relate to and learn even more about something that I really care about. I think other animals are just as important as us (if not more) because we actually wouldn't live without them!!! And killing them for FUN isn't helping anybody or anything! I really agreed with his viewpoints and I liked him a lot! I wish there were more people like him who's care about saving animals and their habitats.

--Alain V.

I liked Eric Dinerstein because he seemed extremely devoted to his studies. He didn't brag about his studies on animals instead he informed us about them. He was a really humble and devoted man. He seemed like he knew what he was going to do in his life and he did it. I loved his presentation.

-Henry H.

I liked that Eric Dinerstein talked more about the actual animals then about the book. I did not like that we did not get to ask many questions!

--Isabelle A.

I am so glad he came and I had a lot of fun listening to him and learning about animals and nature in other parts of the world. I agree that humans are impacting wildlife too much and that something needs to be done, and I think that spreading awareness to the next generation is a great step towards the solution.

--Josh G.

I personally have a BIG heart for animals, so I loved how he explains how he helped the animals. Although I found the presentation VERY interesting and intriguing, I wanted to learn a little more about his book, inspirations, his writing process, and if he used real facts in his book, etc.

--Charlotte C.

I liked it because I learned a lot and was able to connect with him. He explained everything in way that was interesting. I want to read his book now and am compelled to write about my own experiences.

--Annika T.

I liked hearing about how he came up with his book and the stories he had about living with the elephants.

--Olivia B.

Thank you so much for visiting Swanson. You've generated a lot of excitement for reading and tremendous student enthusiasm for researching animals and their environments. We learned so much from you!

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