Sharing files through Google Drive is easy, but sometimes you might want to share a copy rather than the original document. For example, maybe you would like for all students to have a copy of the rubric for an assignment or a template for a digital project. Once you've shared the link, users can always go to File>Make a Copy, but there is a little trick that will automatically force users to make a copy of the document as soon as they click the link.

Check it out!

Force a copy.

Open the document that you would like to share. This trick will work with Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings.

For this trick to work, first you will need to open up the sharing privileges. To do this, click the blue Share button and then Get shareable link. Make sure it is set to Anyone can view. Finally, copy the link.

Now paste the link in the URL bar but DO NOT press enter. Look for the word edit. Highlight the word edit and change it to copy.

This new link with the word copy is the one you will share with others. Whenever someone clicks this link, they will see the page below forcing them to make a copy of the original document. The copy will automatically save to their Drive, so users must be logged in to make a copy.

Bonus Tip: Create a shortened URL of the new link with the word copy for easy sharing with students.

See this tip in action:


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