Vaccination for the Homelessness BY: Keara, Joslyn, Christian, Rebecca

We hope to raise the money to purchase vaccinations to help the people who are sick and homeless who need help and can't pay for them. We are going to make it aware to everyone who are needing them by putting them in homeless shelters local churches. Tens of thousands of veterans are homeless and are in need of help, 60% are in shelters.

There are many sick homeless people who are in need of vaccines or doctor appointments and don't have any money or family who can take care of them, we are here to help! We want to decrease the sick and increase the pay that goes into vaccinations for the homeless. Even today, there are outbreaks of conditions like measles, mumps, and pertussis.

This problem needs proper attention because the homeless have been drinking unhealthy water and probably not enough food, making them sick and in need of treatment. People need to get these vaccines because of what they drink and eat and in emergencies for their health. There are so many homeless people who are sick and should get these vaccines and if they get them they would be more healthy in their environment they are used to. If we don't help them they might die and we don't want the death rate in the United States to rise.

We plan to solve this problem by doing fundraisers and raising money for the homeless and buying vaccines. They would understand hopefully that it is for a good cause and the vaccines are for people who can't afford it and are in need of it. We can offer a vaccination such as a flu shot. That could help them in the future if they catch the flu and get very sick. Vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body to provide protection against viruses. We will need volunteers to help give the vaccines out and to raise money. They will need to raise money by getting the word out that we are giving the vaccines out to only the homeless who actually need it.

We need doctors and nurses for when we do vaccines. When homeless people get sick or injured it's a lot of money and they won't have money for that. Without health insurance they have low incomes and can't pay for anything. There are many diseases among the homeless community a couple of them are heart disease, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease and skin infections. With many people who live on the streets have a high risk of frostbite, immersion foot, and hypothermia even during the rain.

Many homeless people that get ill or is ill need medical care and can't effort it so they never receive medical care. You need to know where to go to get treated, transportation, and identification. Many people who live on the streets don't know any of this or have any of this. Since many homeless people can't pay for health care they have a more likely chance to die. They will need the vaccines to help them get through the hard life being homeless and not having any family or even shelter.

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