Cleo Luna Parra Creative. Strategic. Innovator.

I am 5’ 5”, which is just one inch above average height. When I was twelve, I shot up a foot taller than the boys, and this made me overly confident that I was stronger than them. This carried on even as those same boys turned into men and grew taller than me. Every day, I fight to prove stereotypes will not hold me back. I take on roles men tell me are not for women. I strive for my passion in design and I will prove someday I should be paid more than a male in the same role.

From this course I hope to utilize this knowledge in my future endeavors, not only to represent myself but the companies I hope to work for. I hope to gain new skills with software tools (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop). My goal is to learn how to create content that is unique to the specific social media.

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