My Utopia 'What's a motto?' 'Nothing. What's the motto with you?' - Timone & Pumbaa

Food: All food that makes the world a better place like Macaroni, Thai food, East Indian food, Steak, King Crab and all Dessert.
Shelter: I would have either a big house or small castle on a small island or secluded on the edge of a nice country. There would be a library and my own small plane. Place stays magically clean on its own.

Entertainment: Books, Netflix, friends and family who will arrive by aircraft as shown above. Would be very quiet, like our group: The Quiet Ones.

Clothing: Pretty much whatever but preferably a very comfortable hoodie.



Created with images by v a i r o j - "Sun rising" • Pexels - "food restaurant meat" • Ryan J. Quick - "Jumbo King Crab" • remizolya - "Bled Island" • elphweb - "Small plane" • James_Jester - "library inside wood" • jarmoluk - "old books book old" • NadineDoerle - "bernese mountain dog dog big dog" • tejasp - "wifi wireless device wi fi" • Mike Licht, - "Hoodie" • rubel roy's photography - "Noodles" • Sarah_Ackerman - "Hammock" • hurk - "iphone 6 apple ios"

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