Light 119 ARTST // Week #1

Light: This week we briefly talked about using your cameras and how composition improves your images. These topics and the Shooting exercise are how we are beginning to build a working vocabulary for the rest of our class. You have captured images for our lab exercise this week, so with these two pieces I would like to get you all to begin thinking about the third dimension and something that will always effect your images...light. Light effects our exposures directly, but it also serves a purpose in our compositions by illuminating (meant in the metaphorical context) our subjects.

The Assignment for this weekend is for you to work as a photographer would. I want you to take an hour when you can find good light. During this hour make 20 images that utilize the light. What I want is to see the one image from your twenty in which the light makes the shot great. Create a note in your and add your thoughts about why the light makes such a difference. Don't worry about waxing poetic, we will talk further in class about this idea.

In total aim for 500 words, be concise and descriptive. This is due by the end of the day Wednesday.

Here is a small sample of past classes work for inspiration.

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