Buddy Talk. UK Teens Chatting with International Teens

The Idea

A relaxed weekly learning environment where teenagers meet, chat, discuss and feel good about practicing their English language conversation with people of their own age.

Meet, chat and attend weekly conversation opportunities

The Intention

Weekly discussion topics encourage engaging conversation and interaction in our laid-back, easy chat environment, encouraging "Buddies" to experiment speaking English with friends of the same age.

Flexible and laid-back conversation opportunities

The Detail

  • 45-minute 'chat sessions'
  • UK & International teenagers coming together to talk, discuss and converse in English
  • Interesting, relevant 'Buddy Talk' topics for each session
  • Fully-supervised by UK English teachers
  • All Buddy Talk sessions delivered through 'ZOOM' making it accessible for all
  • 1 UK teenage 'Ambassador' chatting to 3 or 4 International 'Buddies' in each 'Break-out Room'
After school, or during the weekend - flexible Buddy Talk sessions designed to be enjoyable, sociable and stress-free

The Timing

Flexible weekly or weekend Buddy Talk discussion topics supported by buddy-led PowerPoint presentation content, that is both relevant and interesting, including:

  • Social Media
  • School & Education
  • Food & Cusine
  • Music & Film
  • Environmental Protection
  • Wellbeing
  • Hobbies
  • University, Work & Career Path
Learning happening in both directions

The Structure

... Learning happening in both directions which is fabulous to see ...

Kate - UK Parent

45-minute Buddy Talk sessions usually take place at times that a convenient to both UK and International teens any weekday evening, Monday-Friday. (Or during the weekend on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Ambassadors and Buddies join a pre-arranged weekly, reoccurring 'ZOOM room'
  • A 10-minute welcome by a UK teacher and any visiting International teachers or Group Leaders, including an explanation of the session topic
  • Pre-assigned individual 'Break-out rooms' launched and are open for 30-minutes, where UK and International teens use their presentations to chat, discuss and converse in English about the daily topic (UK teachers continually 'drop in' to all Break out rooms during all sessions)
  • All UK and International teens and teachers meet back in the main ZOOM room for a 5-minute discussion and opportunity to ask questions. The next session topic is introduced before saying goodbye!
... Baia Loved meeting her Buddies and spent a lot of time preparing for weekly sessions. The teenagers are so earnest and charming ... !

Emma - UK Parent

The Cost

Sessions are priced at £55 (net) for 5 x 45-minute sessions .

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