Plate Boundaries Created by dylan

Plate boundaries are all over the world I'm here to help you understand them better.

Divergent plate boundaries

This is an example of a Divergent Boundary.

This feature is formed by the two plates separating and as they do that the crust is pulled apart very very slowly. The type of stress that causes this is Tensional stress. This is a famous place in Iceland where u can go into the water down into the hole that is being made and this is happening right now the plates have been separating for millions of years. The cause of these two plates moving apart is Iceland is starting to split.

As you can see Iceland is going to be split apart in a few million years.

Convergent Plate Boundary

This is Mt. Fuji it is located in Japan and this is a very famous Volcano.

This was created by a convergent boundary it is were to plates collide with each other and as this happens land is pushed up and creates Mountains, Volcanos and other things. The stress for this type of boundary is compression. This has created Mt. Fuji, The Himalayan mountains, Mt. Saint Helens and many more.

This is Mt. Saint Helens when it exploded

One real world even was Mt.Saint Helens it erupted on July 10th, 2008 and the eruption was so bad the whole top of the Volcano blew off!!

This is what it looked like all around the Volcano after it erupted!

Transform Plate Boundary

This is a Transform Boundary

A transform boundary is where two plates slide past each other they cause a type of stress called shear. U can find some of these boundaries in California, where the famous San Andreas Fault is located. Some real life events is in 1857 when California had its biggest earth quake the Magnitude was 7.9 but it killed 3,000 people and $524 million in property damage, including fire damage. This earthquake happen in April 18, 1906.

This is what happen when they had a big earthquake
This is what it looked like inApril 18, 1906.


Created with images by NASA Earth Observatory - "Pagan Island, Northern Marianas" • Jonas B - "Mountains"

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