He was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens New York

He attended the New York military academy in 1964, he attended university of Fordham but did not actually come out with a degree, and he went to Wharton school of finance and graduated in 1968.

he dropped out of the university of Fordham after two years and worked at his dads company Elizabeth Trump & Son. after a couple of years he became the president of the company and changed the name to trump organization. his first big real esate project was in manhatten where he remodeled the grand hyatt hotel.

he then began the palm beach estate in 1985 for $5 million dollars plus $ 3 million for home furnashings

trump Taj Mahal opened on April 2, 1990. it came to the brink of closes in 2014 but then it finally closed its doors in October 10, 2016

Trumps most important job yet is being the 45th president of the united states of america

Trumps net worth as of today is $3.7 billion

I believe trump has been successful in his life he has a business empire with his name on it. I also believe he is successful because he became the president of the united states. He has accomplished so many things in life. He is a multi billionaire and knows what to do with his money. In is first two weeks of being president he flew to visit and pay respects to the first fallen solider since he took over the government. So while he has not done the best things he does have a heart and does care. That is why I believe he is successful


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