Run Like A Girl By Gina Troia

The first cross country meet of the season started out rainy and cold. Before the 4K race, the runners were warming up and stretching. After the 4K runners complete their race, they stayed to cheer on the runners competing in the 5K race.

Freshmen, Catrina Schinzel pinning on sophomore, Simone Wilson’s bib.

Right before a race, the girls pinned on their bibs. The girls are always there to help one another

Senior varsity runners praying before the race

Before the race, the runners pray and team up, “Monarchs on three, One, Two, Three, Monarchs!”

Junior, Marissa Vargas staying strong on the course

The race begins with a buzzer. Mercy girls started out strong. The first hill was coming up and the girls needed to stay strong.

Junior, Ashley Mijares using her arms to push herself up the hill
Sophomore, Melany Davis pushing herself in front of other runners

After this point in the course, the runners ran into the woods and were out of visibility. The mercy runners had more hills to look forward to.

Mercy runners staying strong til the very end

The finish line was close and their adrenaline kicked it. The runners started sprinting to the end while their teammates were cheering them on.

Bagel Time

The coaches were very pleased with everyone’s time. After the races, the girls enjoyed snacking on bagels, granola bars, and Gatorade.

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