The Danger of Baby Products parents BEware

Producers are substituting materials necessary to make baby products with synthetic chemicals, such as Bisephonal A (BPA), that are negatively effecting babies.

Slikker should be making the FDA more aware of all of the harmful chemicals that are being used in baby products.

BPA is greatly hindering children's development, and scientists are suspicious that it could be causing cancer.

Slikker should be making it mandatory that the producers label all of the chemicals that were used when making the product.

The synthetic chemical is not only being used to make baby products but is being used to make car parts.

Some producers have tried to avoid using BPA, but most are replacing it with the chemicals BPS, which is similarly dangerous if not worse.

Parents want what is best for their children, so allowing them to be exposed to such dangerous chemicals is not right. Slikker should be changing the way production companies are allowed to use synthetic chemicals.


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