Horses How they impacted the conquest of North America

Horses were the fastest and surest way to travel on land before the automobile.
Horses have very strong teeth and are vegaterians!
Horses are very eager to please their owner or trainer.

Horses are very well suited for working and running and men rode them into battle which helped the Europeans conquer North America.

The downside of horses is they were expensive, less efficient in mountainous, wet, or rocky terrains and you need lots of training to use them.
Horses gave the Europeans a disease advantage. They worked with farm animals for many years and overtime, they became immune to many diseases.
Horses impacted weapons indirectly men rode into battle on horses. This was called cavalry. Cavalry was used for thousands of years and it helped the Europeans very much.
Horses were a very important factor in conquering the Americas.

Sources: Encyclopedia Britanica, images from Image Quest.

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