OCR RUN CLINIC Good byE injuries, hello performance!

You are about to experience the most powerful training and education ever offered for running and oCR performance

We love to share our knowledge with the athletes that attend our clinics. If you’ve been to one before, each time you’ll build on the skill sets you gained last time around. Our test day sells out fast so don't delay, REGISTER NOW!

Day Two is Total Game Changer

Day Two is amazing! It begins with a video gait analysis, followed by hands on training of proper running mechanics. As the day goes on the training progresses to technical terrain training. The " meat and potatoes" of OCR racing success!

Resting Metabolic Assessment

VO2 max Testing

Personal - Hands on Attention

Learn how to tackle up and down hill running

It’s important to note that these clinics are very exclusive. The Gold and Silver Packages sell out EARLY! The nature of our comprehensive one on one clinical evaluations and limited time only allows us to provide for 12-15 clients maximum. Each client registered for testing will be contacted to schedule their appointment time on a first registered first served basis. Even the Bronze Packages are limited for virtually the same reasons. We can only accommodate so many clients when it comes to the video analysis and personalized attention. DON’T HESITATE, REGISTER NOW!


  • March 10th- 11th
  • June 2nd-3rd
  • March 16th-17th
  • May 5th-6th
  • July 28th,29th

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