EPI 5 RomanBritain

Britain before the Romans: the Celts

  • Groups of people lived in the British Isles before the Romans: they were the Celts.
  • They lived in tribes, in small villages.
  • The Celts were a big family: they began from Central Europe ( see map in yellow ).

The Romans in Britain

  • But the British Isles were rich ( in metal, slaves, etc ).
  • So, the Romans became very interested !
  • Julius Ceasar decided to invade Britain 55 years BC.
  • The Romans lived in Britain for about 400 years !

On the river Thames, the Romans built a fortress: "Londinium"

Hadrian's Wall

  • The wall is 73 miles.
  • The Romans built a fortress every mile !
  • About 20,000 soldiers worked on the wall.
  • The Roman empire wanted a good protection from the Barbarians of Scotland !
  • Life on the wall was difficult for the soldiers and their family: the climate was colder than in Italy !

The Roman baths in Bath

  • The Romans loved having a bath !
  • They built baths in the city of Bath, England.
  • Hot water comes here at a constant temperature of 46 ° !
  • If you go to Bath, you will drink the hot water: it is very good !
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